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Heat Gun

Heat Gun

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10-13 - Heat Gun with Variable Temperature Range

Heat gun with variable temperature range from 250 to 1,100 degrees Farenheit. Quickly shrinks film to produce attractive, tamper-evident packages. Double-insulated with built-in stand for safety.

Retail: $61.90
On Sale: $58.81
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10-10 - Portable Shrinkfast Gun

Portable shrinkfast gun is handheld, propane-powered heat gun tightly shrinks giant poly bags or film around a wrapped pallet in less than two minutes. Completely portable, weighs less than 4 lbs., and requires minimal training and set-up time. Includes hose and regulator valve which easily attach to a propane tank (not included). No electrical connection required. Safety trigger prevents accidental discharge, and safety check valve limits gas leakage if damaged. Unit automatically shuts off when set down or dropped.

Retail: $680.60
On Sale: $646.57
You Save: 5%

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