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Packing List Pouch Tape

Packing List Pouch Tape

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111-7-824 - 5" x 6" Scotch Printed Pouch Tape (2.6 mil) - 333 Sheets per Roll

Scotch printed pouch tape (2.6 mil) - 333 sheets per roll is an inexpensive alternative to press-on packing list envelopes. Adhesive border sticks to most surfaces while non-tacky center area protects against dirt, moisture, and tearing. Bright orange imprint reads "DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED".

Retail: $29.25
On Sale: $27.79
You Save: 5%
111-8-830 - 5" x 6" 3M ScotchPad Printed Pouch Tape Pad (2.6 mil) (25 Sheets per Pad; 40 Pads per Carton)

3M scotchpad printed pouch tape pad (2.6 mil) (25 sheets per pad; 40 pads per carton) just peel precut tape from pad, place over documents, and press the pressure-sensitive border to the package. Aggressive adhesive sticks to most surfaces. Clear, non-adhesive center window won't stick to contents. Bright orange border with "DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED" imprint calls attention to documents.

Retail: $91.35
On Sale: $86.78
You Save: 6%

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